Africa’s History



On the 29th of June, Manuel António da Mota set up Mota & Companhia, which operated exclusively in Africa until 1974. It was engaged, in timber operations until 1948, when it began operations in construction and public works.

Luanda International Airport

The execution of the Luanda International Airport was awarded to Mota & Companhia, which became the first major job to be undertaken in the country. This would later become the benchmark for the company’s business. On September 3 of that year Engil, Sociedade de Engenharia Civil Lda., was incorporated by Fernando José Saraiva and António Lopes de Almeida.


Stock Exchange Listing

In August, Mota & Companhia became a public limited liability company, being listed on the Lisbon Stock Exchange. That same year, Engil created its Holding, Engil S.G.P.S.

Mota & Companhia in Malawi

Keeping a prominent position in the Angolan market, Mota & Companhia started business in Malawi.


Mota & Companhia in Mozambique

Mota & Companhia expanded its operations to Mozambique.


Founding of the Mota-Engil Group

On July 23, 1999, Mota & Companhia issued a take-over bid for the whole of the Engil S.G.P.S. S.A. equity capital, leading to the formation, in 2000, of the Mota-Engil S.G.P.S., S.A. Group.



Acquisition of Tertir

The Mota-Engil S.G.P.S., S.A. Group enters the logistics sector with the acquisition of Tertir.


Incorporation of Mota-Engil Angola

This subsidiary of Mota-Engil Africa, 49% owned by a consortium of Angolan major entities such as Sonangol and Grupo Atlântico, became one of the largest construction and public works companies under Angolan law operating in the sector and with stakes in industry areas.

Vista Waste

Mota-Engil Africa developed the Environment and Services area through Vista Waste, incorporated in partnership with Grupo Atlântico.

Nacala Corridor

Mota-Engil Africa was awarded two sections of the Nacala Corridor railway project, a significant infrastructure project which will link the Moatize coal mine in the Tete province, Mozambique, via Malawi, to the Nacala port, Mozambique.


Luanda Bay

Mota-Engil Africa completed the renovation project of the Luanda Bay.