Mota-Engil Africa is a leading provider of integrated engineering and construction services and a wide range of other utilities across its target markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. The diversified portfolio of services provided by Mota-Engil Africa range from Engineering and Construction (including infrastructure such as roads, railways, bridges and dams, civil construction works and real estate construction and services), Logistics (including ports and other infrastructure management), Environment and Services (including waste management and collection and water treatment and distribution).

Mota-Engil Africa currently operates in ten countries comprising its primary markets of Angola, Malawi and Mozambique as well as its other markets of Cape Verde, Ghana, São Tomé and Príncipe, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Mota-Engil Africa is headquartered in Johannesburg and, as at 30 June 2014, the Mota-Engil Africa Group had approximately 14,500 employees. The Mota-Engil Africa Group manages its business and reports its financial results with regard to the following business segments: Angola, Southern African Development Community (“SADC”), West Africa and East Africa.

Board of Directors

  • Chairman
    Goncalo Moura Martins
  • Chief Executive Officer
    Manuel Mota
  • Chief Financial Officer
    Pedro Guterres
  • Senior Independent Non-Executive Director
    David Hobley
  • Independent Non-Executive Director
    Francisco Seixas Costa